Welcome to Blevin’s Tire, your trusted tire shop in the heart of Perrysville, Ohio! We know how important it is to have reliable tires that can handle the varying terrains and weather conditions that Ohio has to offer. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of Mastercraft Tires, a brand that has been delivering quality, durability, and performance for over a century.

Mastercraft Tires, a subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, is an American brand with a rich heritage of crafting superior-quality tires. With their comprehensive lineup, Mastercraft has a tire for every type of driver and vehicle. Whether you’re navigating city streets, cruising on the highway, or tackling off-road adventures, Mastercraft Tires are designed to maximize the performance and safety of your ride.

Why Choose Mastercraft Tires?

1. Exceptional Quality – Mastercraft Tires are manufactured with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a long-lasting tire that can take on the wear and tear of everyday use.

2. Innovative Design – With features like advanced tread designs and durable rubber compounds, Mastercraft Tires provide excellent traction, handling, and stability in both wet and dry conditions.

3. Variety of Options – Whether you need all-season, touring, performance, or light truck tires, Mastercraft has an option that fits your needs. Their extensive range ensures that you can find the perfect tire for your vehicle and driving style.

4. Affordable Performance – Mastercraft Tires offer the ideal combination of performance and value. You’ll get a premium tire experience without breaking the bank, making them a smart choice for budget-conscious drivers who don’t want to compromise on quality.

5. Warranty Coverage – Mastercraft stands behind their tires with strong warranty programs, including treadwear protection and a standard limited warranty against manufacturing defects. This commitment to customer satisfaction ensures peace of mind with every purchase.

6. Expert Recommendation – Here at Blevin’s Tire, our experts recommend and stand by Mastercraft Tires not just for their exceptional quality but also for their ability to meet the demands of Ohio’s unique driving conditions.

Top Selling Mastercraft Tires in Perrysville, Ohio

Passenger Vehicle Tires:

All-Season Tires:

  • Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring: This tire is designed for comfort, quietness, and reliable all-season traction. It features a 5-rib tread design and full-depth sipes for wet and dry performance.
  • Mastercraft Strategy: A reliable and affordable all-season tire that provides good wear and traction for everyday driving.

Performance Tires:

  • Mastercraft Avenger M8: An all-season performance tire that offers a quiet ride with enhanced wet traction and handling. It’s suitable for drivers looking for sporty performance without sacrificing comfort.

Touring Tires:

  • Mastercraft SRT Touring: Offers a balance of value, comfort, and all-season performance. It features a five-rib tread design to optimize ride stability and treadwear.

SUV and Light Truck Tires:

All-Terrain Tires:

  • Mastercraft Courser AXT2: This all-terrain tire is designed to perform well on the highway and off-road conditions. It has an aggressive 5-rib tread design for enhanced grip and a modern sidewall styling.
  • Mastercraft Courser AXT: Similar to the AXT2, it offers an all-terrain tread design but with different tread compounds and patterns tailored for a balance between off-road capability and on-road manners.

Mud-Terrain Tires:

  • Mastercraft Courser MXT: A mud-terrain tire that provides aggressive off-road performance and an appealing appearance for light trucks and SUVs. Its deep tread grooves are designed to tackle tough off-road terrains.

All-Season Tires:

  • Mastercraft Courser HSX Tour: A premium SUV tire engineered for a smooth ride and all-season traction. It features stability control siping (SCS) for enhanced handling in wet and dry conditions.
  • Mastercraft Courser STR: An all-season tire that combines the durable aspects of an SUV tire with the ride comfort of a passenger tire. It’s designed for versatile performance and a quiet ride.

Highway Tires:

  • Mastercraft Courser HXT: A commercial highway rib tire that provides a combination of wear resistance, durability, and low noise. Ideal for commercial vans and trucks.
  • Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus: Designed for pickup trucks and SUVs, this tire offers good handling and all-season performance with an attractive sidewall design.

Light Truck Tires:

Whether you’re driving a compact car, a light truck, or a versatile SUV, Blevin’s Tire has the Mastercraft tires that will meet your expectations for quality and performance. Each of these top-selling tires comes with Mastercraft’s warranty coverage and our commitment to offering the best service in Perrysville, Ohio.

What Are The Most Commonly sold Mastercraft Tire Sizes?

– 205/55R16
– 215/60R16
– 235/75R15
– 225/65R17
– 265/70R17
– 185/65R14
– 195/65R15
– 225/60R16
– 245/75R16
– 275/55R20

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We offer professional installation, balancing, and alignment services to ensure that your new Mastercraft Tires are set up for optimal performance from the moment you hit the road. Plus, with our ongoing maintenance services, you can count on us to help keep your tires in top condition for the miles ahead.

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